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一位加國哥迷寄語 “An Eternal Effulgent Star”,為哥哥慶生

資料來源 (Source):以附件電郵至「哥哥香港網站」

An eternal effulgent star

It is cool and showery in my part of the world. What ennui! Life becomes monotonous without you. Witness your chart-topping album, most full of sad verses, melancholic lyrics and tragic inspirations – whether you are migrated or hibernated or both. How are you?

In your short life, you simply want to be a singer, an actor then a director that is neither a shameful nor an unworthy goal. You are so bashful of describing yourself as “legend”; however, you have really been our “legend” before you became the victim of the ineluctable fate.

The 5’9″ beauty has captivated the entertainment industry with your natural and your unique sense of style and glamour. You was at once the ultimate romantic and the prototype rebel and enough of an artist to value the words enough to sing the songs well enough to drive us crazy until now.

You were the 80′s icon of sensuality. Your songs have hypnotized almost all adolescence. Fierce and adorable; wild and gentile; obdurate and pliable; gauche (tactless) and graceful artless all you was and still are in our mind.

In 90′s you became the most seductive and flirtatious sex appeal with your natural beauty and your curvaceous body. Perfect performance and consummated matter are all you chased. You are different with contemporary actors. They most are emulous. You are the one and the only actor in Hong Kong entertainment industry who could sustain us if reality did not; and afflatus and contemplation could be as valuable as experience; art could transcend the life. We will never and ever forget your “Passion Tour” concert. Your chameleon capacity to inhabit a multitude of roles while remaining as an unmistakably, forever yourself – an unforgettable character that is so touched.

“Overnight success” is not your fate. You have had plenty of reasons to give up; however, your diligence and talent make you finally get what you have strived for: stardom and international recognition. It is inscrutable that there is the “Post-phenomenon” – “post-fans” after your departure and it is axiomatic that you are the brightest star of all at the launching ceremony of the avenue stars.

You once made me have a bit of Hong Kong cinematic nostalgia. The city where you had have lived nearly in your whole life had certainly been enriched by those who came to offer homage to you not only on the special anniversary, but also all through the year. You are the catalyst of overseas fans to visit Hong Kong. Now, you will never be bothered by the insinuation in all the tabloids, in fact, and you have once been so magnanimous in facing at their malicious insults and so candidly to express your sexual proclivity.

Your fans will be enthralled by your “reality”, “affability” and “beauty”. Your epigrams, silhouettes, performances, songs and movies will forever be the echo and the soundtracks of our times. Your life is over but your devotion will never be sunk into oblivion. You are not our “obsolete” toy but our only forever indulgence. The poignant feeling has never dwindled indeed. We all are your connoisseurs and you are our art.

If you were here, you turn 48. “Happy birthday” to an eternal effulgent star, an inimitable actor, our beloved little prince – Leslie Cheung, our sequent Leslie Cheung.


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HK$1.40 黃家駒
HK$1.80 陳百強
HK$2.40 羅文
HK$3.00 張國榮
HK$5.00 梅艷芳




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